Geology and Mining


BULGARGEOMIN carries out independently or in cooperation with the specialized Bulgarian enterprises and Institutes of Science the following activities in the field of general geology and geological mapping :

Carrying out all types of investigations in respect of stratigraphy, paleonthology, lithology, petrography, mineralogy, geochemistry, geophysics, tectonics, metallogeny, and ores and minerals in view of clarifying the geological structure of the non-explored or poorly explored areas as well as for ores and minerals recovery therein.

Geological mapping in different scales for the purposes of:

  • Regional geology;
  • Prospecting and outlining of ores and minerals promising structures and areas of ores and minerals, oil, coal, uranium, rare metals, etc.;
  • Detailed geological surveys;
  • Prospecting of underground water;
  • Designs and construction of hydrotecnical facilities, roads and construction sites;

Preparation of particular maps and sets of maps, as follows :

  • Geological maps including photogeological maps ;
  • Structural and tectonic maps ;
  • Geochemical maps (metallometric, stream samples, hydrochemical) ;
  • Geophysical maps (radiometric, gravimetric, aerogamma-spectrometric, aeromagnitometric, field magnitometric, structural maps of seismic surveys and of vertical-electric drilling, electric resistances, and caused polarization, etc.);
  • Hydrogeological maps;
  • Geomorphological maps;
  • Prognostic and metallogenetic maps; Topographic maps and plans, used as the basis of the specialized maps.

Interpretation of the following types of surveys for geological purposes :

  • Space, television scanner, photographic – black and white, coloured spectrozonal and polyzonal of different frequencies ;
  • Aerophotographs in different scale – black and white, spectrozonal, coloured and polyzonal of different frequencies;

Synthesizing of geological materials :

  • The ones available with the local geological offices ;
  • The ones obtained as a result of the performed geological exploration and geological mapping works.

Expert assessments, recommendation and preparation of programmes for regional surveys in the field of stratygraphy, tectonics, metallogeny, hydrogeology, prospecting and exploration for minerals.

For the realization of all above mentioned works, BULGARGEOMIN, has highly qualified specialists with wide experience, employed both in Bulgaria and in a number of other countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

For carrying out laboratory analyses and investigations, BULGARGEOMIN, has up-to-date laboratories for :

  • Trography of hard rocks (igneous and metamorphic) ;
  • Petrography of sediment rocks ;
  • Petrography of coal ;
  • Mineralogy (including X- ray, electronic microscoping with microsond analyzer different thermal analyses, etc.;
  • Paleonthology ;
  • Micropaleonthology ;

Chemical and spectral analyses of rocks, minerals, ores, non-metallic minerals, natural waters and mineral fuels:

  • Photogeology (interpretation of space and aero-photography) ;
  • Electronic computer centre for processing data obtained from geophysical and geochemical investigations.

The main achievement of the Bulgarian specialists in the sphere of geological mapping for the last 30 years are:

  • Geological map in Scale 1 : 100 000 covering the whole of Bulgaria ;
  • Geological map in Scale 1 : 25 000 covering 84 % of the country;
  • Discovery of large copper, lead-zinc, iron ores and rare-metal deposits by means of complex usage of the method of geological mapping with geophysical, geochemical and other distance methods.

The Bulgarian specialists have carried out abroad a great number of geological mapping upon :

  • Direct negotiation for projects with foreign investors ;
  • Tenders ;
  • By Bulgarian specialists employed in the local offices of geology in various countries ;
  • By participation in international expeditions.


Geological mapping:

  • Geological mapping in North Algeria in scale 1 : 50 000 for the Ministry of Industry.
  • Geological mapping in scale 1 : 50 000 in South Congo for the Department of Mines and Geology.
  • Geological mapping in North Mozambique in scale 1 : 50 000 for the National Department of Mines and Geology.
  • Geological maps for the purposes of prospecting and exploration of minerals in Mongolia:
    North-Eastern Mongolia area, region of Kerulen. South Mongolia area, region of Hara Morito deposit. Buren Soght granite massive, South-Eastern Mongolia area, region of Delgereh, Central Mongolia area, region Nariin Huduk, Baian Han deposit, North Kerulen region, Southern-Mongolia area, Hara Morito deposit, etc.
  • Geological prospecting and mapping: Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Morocco, Vietnam, etc.

Exploration of ore deposits:

  • Pb-Zn and Mercury deposits in North Tunisia for the Office National des Mines
  • Tin and Rare metal deposits in Somalia for the Ministry of Mineral and Water Resources.

Exploration of non-metallic minerals:

  • Phosphorites in the Zair area, Angola – for the Ministry of Industry of P.R. Angola and in Tunisia for the Phosphate Company of Gafsa.

Exploration of construction materials:

  • Sand and gravel in Algeria for the Societe National des Materiaux des
  • Gravel and sand in Iraq for the State Organization of Minerals.

Engineering – geological surveys of sites:

  • Silos in Libya – Jufra – Waddan, Tobruk, Sebha, El March, Wadi Hira, etc., for the Secretariat of Agrarian Reform and Land Development.
  • Railway “Tripoli – Missurata” in Libya for the Secretariat of Communications.
  • Hospitals and polyclinics in Libya – Sabrata, Tripoli, Homs, Missurata, Bengazi, Zavia, etc., for the Secretariat of Housing.
  • 11 dam walls in North Tunisia.
  • Geological soil studies for dam sites: in Algeria – Lekh Roche de Pipeun etc., in Tunisia – Senjean.

Technical assistance by rendering expertise services for central enterprises and State Organization in Mavritania (Societe National Industrielle et Mines), Tunisia (Office National des Mines), Iraq (State Organization of Mines), Somalia (Ministry of Mineral and Water Resources) and others.


BULGARGEOMIN is specializing in:

Underground mines and quarries:

  • designing
  • construction
  • rehabilitation
  • updating
  • operating

Ore dressing factories:

  • designing
  • construction
  • rehabilitation
  • updating
  • operating
Crush-and-sieve plants, transport and ore conservation facilities (including rope lines) and warehouses.

Complete set of laboratory analyses related to chemical and mineralogical composition of raw materials and their physical and mechanical properties performed by up-to-date methods and apparatus.

Studies of the technological properties of gold ores, copper, lead, zinc, ferrous and manganese ores, phosphate, feldspar, coal, sand, etc.

Feasibility studies and estimations of mineral deposits based on complex geological prospecting, geophysical surveys and geochemical laboratory and technological tests.

Expertise estimation and recommendations
for reconstruction and updating of mining and dressing works to improve production and treatment processes and increase profitability.

Management and technical assistance, rendering experts and qualified workers.

Training of foreign personnel in situ, during the execution of the project, or in Bulgaria.

Supplies, complete and partial deliveries, international logistics, insurance relating to “turn-key” projects or separate trade transactions.


  • Mining – dressing complex KERZET YOUSEF for extraction and treatment of lead-zinc ore on “turn key” basis.
    The project covers:
    - designing and construction of an underground mine of capacity 100 000 tons total quantity of ore mined per year;
    - designing and construction of dressing factory;
    - designing and construction of infrastructure;
    - technical assistance in the course of exploitation of the project.
    Employer: SONAREM.
  • Mining – dressing complex KAVALO
    The project covers :
    - technological studies of the ore washability of Bu Sufa copper deposit and Wed Kebir lead-zinc deposit ;
    - preparation of a feasibility study for the industrial development of the deposits;
    - preparation of tender documents
    Employer: ENOF
  • Feasibility study for the construction of a new lead-zinc smeltery;
    Employer: PENAROYA.
  • Bu Jaber mine – Shaft No.5
    The project covers:
    - designing of a complex on surface, hoisting plant and compressor station
    - supply of equipment for the complex
    - construction-erection works covering: equipment of shaft No. 5, surface equipment for the shaft, hoisting plant and compressor unit
    Employer: SOTEMI – COMINO
  • Jalta mine – new shaft
    The project covers:
    - designing of the complex, 150 m shaft and 300 m cross-cut; sinking and equipping of the 150 m shaft;
    - construction and equipping of a haulage level landing and crosscut.
    Employer: SOTEMI – COMINO
  • Fedge Ladoun lead-zinc mining-dressing complex
    - geological survey;
    - feasibility study;
    - mining infrastructure;
    - mine and dressing plant construction.
    Employer: COMINO
  • Mining – dressing complex “KINDONAKASHA”
    The project covers:
    - designing and construction of a mining plant for extraction of phosphorite powder;
    - technical assistance rendered in the course of execution of the project;
    Employer : GEOMINAS
  • Mining – dressing complex and metallurgical complex for mining and treatment of manganese ores for production of ferro-alloys;
    The project covers:
    - technological studies of the manganese ore washability of Los Chivos and
    Barangas deposits;
    - metallurgical studies for production of ferro-manganese and ferro-silicon;
    Employer : ECIMETAL
  • Mining-dressing complex VESUBIO – BONANZA
    The project covers:
    - preparation of a feasibility study for rehabilitation of VEZUBIO polymetallic mine;
    - design and rehabilitation works of VESUBIO mine;
    - design and rehabilitation works of VESUBIO-BONANZA 11 km rope-way;
    - rehabilitation of the polymetallic section of BONANZA factory;
    - supply of machinery and non-standard equipment.
    Employer: INMINE
  • Mining-dressing complex SIUNA
    The project covers:
    - preparation of designs for draining, rehabilitation and construction of SIUNA underground mine;
    - supply of machinery, non-standard equipment and facilities;
    - rendering of technical supervision for the construction-erection works
    Employer : INMINE
Republic of Yemen
  • Salt production complex ADEN
    The project covers:
    - designing and reconstruction of the salt production complex
    Employer: Ministry of Industry
  • Bayan Hongor gold mine operated by MONGOLBOLGARMETAL joint company
    The project covers:
    - geological prospecting and exploration;
    - mining of gold placer deposit ;
    - supply of machinery, non-standard equipment and facilities.


  • Coastal yards of the Ministry of Gas Industry – the Crimea peninsula;
    The project covers :
    - construction of 14 residential blocks of 444 flats of prefabricated
    concrete panels ;
    - erection of 2 industrial hangars on total area of 2 000 sq. m..
    Employer: Ministry of Gas Industry of Russia.