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BULGARGEOMIN was established in the end of 1975 as a firm of 100% state ownership and the unique worldwide engineering company of the Bulgarian state covering the total range of activities in the field of all geological prospecting, extraction, processing and sales of mineral and non-mineral raw materials. The commercial activity of the Company involved all the imports of equipment and facilities from abroad to satisfy not only the needs of BULGARGEOMIN for its projects worldwide, but to procure the activity of the Committee of Geology - Bulgaria, mainly in the oil and gas exploration and production in Bulgaria. Since May 2013 the company has been privatized.

For more than 38 years of operating as an international contractor, BULGARGEOMIN has executed a number of big Projects in many countries of the Middle East, Africa, Caribbean region and Asia in the field of:

The Data Room of the company is keeping comprehensive geological and technical data resulted from the execution of prospecting and exploration works, drilling, construction of product pipelines, storage facilities and mine construction. Time proved all the conclusions of the geological reports.

BULGARGEOMIN is a regular member of good standing of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) and the International Pipe Line & Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA).

Since its establishment BULGARGEOMIN has been operating under the condition of severe competition on the world market winning awards of contracts at international tenders competing as a contractor or subcontractor to well-known companies in the field.

We are open to any financial and technical co-operation and any proposals for international projects are welcome.

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